What are the top web design trends of 2021?


The web design industry is changing rapidly, and if you don’t keep up with the trends you will be left behind. Try talking to today’s generation about flash menus and border ornaments and they’ll look at you like you’re some sort of cave person. If you’re planning to design a website in 2021, you need to stick to what’s hot and make sure you avoid what isn’t. Of course, you can try to get ahead, but it would be wise to stick to the mainstream ideas.

Thinking of creating a website?

Maybe you have just started a business and want to develop an online presence. Or maybe you have an established business and want to modernize or relocate your pages. Either way, you’ll need to be on top of design trends in the industry this year.

Anyone can easily create a free website using online tools, with templates that let you put everything in the right place and create a professional site that you are proud of. Experimenting with free designs first might be ideal for startups, before switching to paid services to access more advanced features.

Before you begin, it’s wise to do a little market research and see what the leaders in your industry are doing. Reflecting the best in the business is a common strategy, and this is how popular web design trends are born. So what are the main techniques that seem to be in abundance this year?

Horizontal scroll

Yes, you read that right. Horizontal scrolling is back in fashion. This was once considered a no-no in web design circles, but the concept is back in fashion and is proving to be popular. This form of page navigation was not user-friendly in the past, but it works well for smartphones and tablets where side-sliding is a natural movement. It is also compatible with devices like Apple’s Magic Mouse, which allows users to move around the page intuitively.

Home Societe is a site that has broken the mold lately, and its trendy layout is one that other designers will want to follow. Instead of navigating to the bottom of the page, viewers are guided to the right each time. It’s an amazing way to display all the stylish content on the page.

No structure defined

Square is a perfect example of how web designers are starting to think outside the box. It’s an incredibly cool page that has introduced a world of new possibilities when it comes to structuring. Instead of clicking boring tabs, players can navigate using the cursor and then click the various links they stumble upon along the way. It has a gamified feel, and it’s really nice.

It looks like fluid options are about to go mainstream, with old-fashioned tab menus on the way out. The devices on which people access websites are so much more advanced than ever before, as well as the fact that HTML5 has led to the development of cross-platform sync.

This means that the web design methods of yesteryear are no longer essential. Immersion is the name of the game, and many internet users want to get lost in the maze of a large website. Modern web designers even choose to break free from the common architecture of pages, categories, and posts.

3D visuals

3D visuals have been creeping into website design for quite some time, but now they can be considered essential. With the increase in the number of high definition screens, users must have eye-catching web experience. The 3D elements add depth to the site and generate a complete experience in which viewers feel as if they are at a distance from touching the elements on display.

Sites like Sennep have shown that 3D aspects, in moderation, can improve the page. When users hover their cursor over a 3D element, they can feel like they are grabbing it and observing it. It’s something that adds to the immersion that designers strive to create.


Multimedia can now be seamlessly integrated into web pages, and designers should consider it carefully. Different users have different preferences because each has their own way of handling information. Some people prefer to read, others like to listen. Some users prefer to have a video to watch. By mixing all of these things together, there is a better chance of reaching a larger audience. This can be done through embedded images and videos, and through embedded animations.

When you start building a website in 2021, you might want to forget everything you thought you knew about design. Times are changing and the industry is moving away from classic broadcasting towards more immersive offers. You can always experiment with different options to see what your audience likes, and if you need to change things later, you can.

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