Why Should You Use WordPress to Develop a Web Application

You may be considering creating a business website for some. However, you have to wait for some time before starting, as you may need to find the right development package and platform. Maybe you like to try WordPress, Drupal or Joomla and are looking for professional answers WordPress Development Services.

Although there may be professionals to create your site, you plan to manage it yourself after launching the website. For this reason, you need to make some key decisions about which platform to use when developing your website.

Now the question might arise in our mind as to why. The reason is that it will impact speed, appearance, user activity, and performance. Therefore, experts are often encouraged by this particular perspective to suggest WordPress development.

WordPress is become popular since 2003, when it was introduced to the market. At present, it can be considered as the first blogging platform in the market. Additionally, WordPress has proven to be a popular OS web development platform at present.

Users can download and install this platform for free, making it the most well-known content management system. All types of businesses, including Sony, the New York Post, and NBC, currently use WordPress.

Some Lesser Known Facts About WordPress

It is known to any developer belonging to a bespoke WordPress development company that many platforms are available for blogging and web design. However, even though there are many choices, WordPress development services are the most popular.

Over the past 16 years, WordPress blogging and web development have come a long way, and this is proven by the statistics mentioned below:

  • 20 billion pages hosted by WordPress are visited by over 400 million people each month.
  • WordPress users are known to provide 80 million comments and 74 million new posts each month.
  • So far, 35 major versions have been released by WP, and the newest is “Jaco”.
  • According to Google Trends, WP may have attracted more interest than Blogger, SharePoint and Drupal.
  • Around 15% of major websites are powered by WordPress.

Moreover, WP happens to be the best choice when it comes to app development, given that it is packed with amazing features, tools, and plugins.

Benefits of WordPress Apps

1. Helps save time

If your business already uses WP, you might want to develop a web application within it. Unfortunately, many times companies can spend a considerable amount of money beyond what is needed ignoring the fact that it will be possible to directly develop the required solution within their content management system without doing call on an external source with a completely different supplier.

A lot of time, money and effort can be saved directly creation of a web application in an already existing WP site. Moreover, it is quite safe as it has been proven over and over again by WP to be able to handle complicated applications.

2. WordPress happens to be free

WP is a app available for free. This implies that it can be downloaded, installed and modified by you to suit your needs without spending anything at all. Moreover, it can be used to create any type of website.

Although the WP application is free, a domain name and web hosting will be required to install it. By the term “domain name,” we refer to your website address on the web. Your users will type it into their browser’s address bar to access your site.

By the term “web hosting” we refer to the home of your website where your website files are stored. It is suggested by experts to use Bluehost, which happens to be one of the biggest web hosting companies today. They also offer a lucrative 60% discount to WP users on hosting and a domain name available for free. Therefore, you can use Bluehost by investing $2.75 per month.

3. It’s easy to customize WordPress

It is not the fact that only web designers and programmers are interested in using WP. The majority of individuals start using WordPress without any knowledge of website building. WP happens to be the ideal solution for people who are not tech-savvy, as there are plenty of website templates available for free. You will come across a suitable theme for virtually any type of website, be it an online store, a blog, or a business site.

Customizing WP themes is simple as many of them are available with their exclusive options panel allowing you to upload logo, change colors, generate attractive sliders, change background, etc. . according to your needs without having to write any code. .

Custom functionality can also be added to your WP website using plugins. These plugins are similar to applications on your site which can be used to include advanced features such as contact forms, analytics, membership area, etc.

Similar to themes, you will also come across many plugins that are completely free for users. Along with adding additional functionality, several plugins in WP allow you to turn your site into an innovative platform.

4. Affordable and flexible design

WordPress consists of quite flexible code. the The platform was built on JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP, which means it can adapt to many types of applications. The platform is flexible which implies that you can be quite efficient as well. There is no limit to this, especially if reliable and experienced programmers charge for integration and development.

In addition, the flexibility also translates into an affordable price. It won’t be imperative for you to switch platforms frequently, which means you can make drastic changes and develop top-notch apps for the same group of users without having to change the code.

5. It’s easy to manage

WP is available with an integrated update management system. This way, you will be able to update your themes and plugins in your WordPress admin dashboard.

WP will also notify you as soon as a new version is available in the market so that your site can be updated with just the click of a button. To protect your information from any hack or accident, a WP backup plugin can be used by you to automatically create backups and store them on a remote location in a secure manner.

The WordPress site can also be managed by you on the go using WP mobile apps.

6. Is SEO friendly

High-quality, standards-compliant code is used to write WordPress, which generates semantic markup. This helps make WP extremely popular with major search engines like Google. For this reason, the ranking of WP is higher than that of others.

WordPress is pretty SEO friendly when it comes to designing. WP SEO plugins can also be used to further optimize your site.

7. Can handle different types of media

You cannot limit WordPress to writing text only. He likewise has a built-in media downloader for managing images, videos and audio files. o Embed enabled websites are supported by WP, which implies that you will be able to embed Instagram photos, YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, and Tweets by simply pasting the URL into the WordPress post editor.

8. Is safe and secure

WordPress can be considered an extremely reliable and secure platform to run a site. Nevertheless, the Internet is an uncertain place similar to the real world. You will come across intruders who like to harm as many sites as possible. There are several things you can do to protect your WP site. For example, you can use Sucuri to protect your site against typical threats such as malware and brute force attacks.

How can you use WordPress?

You can use WP in different ways, such as basic websites and e-commerce marketplaces, etc Below we have provided some examples of different types of websites that can be created using WordPress.

  • Create a business site
  • Start a blog
  • Create a membership site
  • Start an online point of sale
  • Sell ​​courses online

Hope this article provided you with the right answer regarding why WordPress should be used. Then you will be able to understand the true power of this platform by actually using it for yourself.

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