Would you like to have the Safari web browser on your Apple TV?

No, there are no rumors that Safari will come to tvOS. However, if you read the news earlier this week, you might have learned how users were able to join a FaceTime call using an Xbox and Microsoft Edge. While almost all game consoles and smart TVs have a web browser, Apple TV does not. But would you like to have Safari on your Apple TV?

Ever since I got my first Smart TV years ago, I remember it came with a pre-installed web browser. It was really basic that didn’t offer a great experience, but I still found it impressive to be able to access some websites on the big screen. Even my PlayStation 3, which was introduced in 2006, had its own web browser.

Today, even the Apple Watch has a web browser that lets you open URLs someone has sent you. Everything has a web browser these days, from smartwatches to TVs and even virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo Show. However, there’s one device that never had a web browser and still doesn’t, and that’s the Apple TV.

Apple’s set-top box is equipped with the same chips that power the iPhone and iPad, and it also runs an iOS-based operating system. But still, you cannot open any web page on it. This gave rise to a discussion between the members of the 9to5Mac staff on the weirdness of not having Safari on Apple TV, even though most people don’t use it often.

Let me briefly share my personal view on this. I know browsing the web using a TV remote is far from a good experience, but sometimes I really want to show a website to others on the big screen – not to mention I might want to access a streaming channel or web application (like FaceTime) that is not available on tvOS.

Sure, I can use AirPlay Mirroring, but then there’s the screen aspect ratio issue. While your TV has a 16:9 screen, your iPhone and iPad don’t, which means you’ll see black bars on the screen. For some reason, Apple thinks the Apple Watch is a good device for browsing the web, but the Apple TV isn’t.

Yes, you can open web pages on an Apple Watch Series 3.

There are some things Apple could do to fix it. The most obvious is to bring the full Safari experience to tvOS, but it could also have a solution for displaying web pages full screen when mirroring them from an iPhone or iPad to the AirPlay help. But now we want to know your opinion about it.

Do you miss having a web browser on tvOS? What do you think could be done to solve this problem? Tell us in the poll and comments section below.

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