You can now create your own Playdate games in a web browser

Playdate’s Pulp, an authoring tool allowing you to create your own games for the next handheld console with a crank, is now available in open beta.

The software, which is free, allows gamers to create and test games in a web browser before exporting them for use on a Playdate when it launches later this year.

If you’re familiar with game creation tools, it’s similar to (and inspired by) Bitsy, letting you create indoor games without any programming knowledge, and comes with a pixel graphics editor, animation tools , a sound sequencer and the ability to create your own fonts. Basically – everything you need to create a game.

I found it quite easy to get something up and running quickly – although something very simple! – and for those more experienced in creating games, supports coding with its own PulpScript scripting language.

In addition to Pulp, Playdate creators Panic have also said that a full SDK for “more advanced game coding” is expected to be released very soon – and will also be free for everyone.

Originally slated to launch last year, Playdate was delayed due to a “surprise battery issue”, and is now expected to launch from early 2022, depending on your place in the pre-order queue. .

If you want to know more about Playdate, we looked at the handheld and a small handful of games last year: “What comes back with Playdate is charm, and there are buckets of it here in console and in the few games I’ve played so far.”

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